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Network Management

Why use Site Manager Pro to manage your network?

   Automated Monitoring

Easily and effectively monitor and manage the health of the most critical business systems – servers and workstations. Site Manager Pro’s monitoring tools help you avoid the risks of expensive remedial action and reputation damage through proactive monitoring of server and workstation security, hadware and disk performance, applications and performance.

  Asset Tracking

With Site Manager Pro’s IT Asset and Inventory Management tools, you can perform automatic scans of your computer networks to obtain detailed information about hardware and software assets.

   Managed Antivirus

Site Manager Pro includes a fully managed antivirus agent to automatically fix virus threats.

  Alerting and Viewing

With Site Manager Pro’s integrated management tools, you stay on top of the network around the clock with the use of instant email and SMS notifications.

   Remote Access, Monitoring and Management

Using the Site Manager Pro dashboard, adminstrators have one-click remote management of servers and workstations.

  Systems Reporting

Site Manager Pro has unique reporting tools to produce professional, graphical reports to spot trends in system performance.

    Automated Maintenance

When it comes to routine IT maintenance, automation is the heart of business efficiency. Via the integrated Site Manager Pro dashboard, you can deploy software, patches, managed antivirus and other automated tasks and custom scripts.

   Managed Online Backup

With Site Manager Pro’s managed online backup, you can have peace of mind with secured offsite storage to protect your business-critical data – data that is fully recoverable in the event of a fire, theft, flood or any on-site failure.

   Patch Management

Site Manager Pro’s Patch Management provides for seemless roll-out of critical patches for the most popular software packages.

    System Tray Application

Site Manager Pro’s System Tray Application tool enables hassle-free support.