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Patrol Ops

Patrol Ops | HOA Management SystemTogether with MindStorm Technologies, Vincere Technology, LLC offers Patrol Ops, a comprehensive HOA management system.

Patrol Ops has emerged from over 20 years of law enforcement and private patrol experience. MindStorm Technologies developed Patrol Ops utilizing the latest in HTML5 technology, which allows users to easily access it from any mobile device or web browser.

This system helps to make the operations of a Homeowners Association easy and organized. Management modules help keep track of customers. employees, calls and assets.

The Customer Management Module better facilitates improved communication. This system will raise your level of customer satisfaction by allowing access to the system to update contact information, set out-of-town alerts, and receive email alerts.

The Call Management Module provides the ability to dispatch units to requests for service. The dispatched units can then easily see the pertinent customer data immediately as they arrive on the call. The Call Management Module also serves as a historical record of dispatch time, arrival time and all necessary historical data relating to a call for service.

The Employee Management Module helps with scheduling, budget reports and billing information for customers.

Finally, the Asset Management Module provides more effective tracking of vehicles used by your patrol service. It has a built in maintenance reminder system to remind you when scheduled maintenance is due.

MindStorm will continue to develop and improve Patrol Ops HOA management system as the needs for the system evolve. In addition, MindStorm can customize the application to your specific needs.

For more information, visit www.patrolops.com.