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About Us

The people behind Vincere Technology:

Clarence Hennig – President

Clarence Hennig has spent the past 20+ years in the banking industry serving as Chief Information Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Operations Officer.  Having worked in both a national bank and a non-member state bank, Clarence understands the regulatory pressures on today’s banks.  Working side-by-side with bank regulators, Clarence has developed proven programs for Bank Secrecy Act,  Fair Lending and consumer compliance exams.

Greg Petersen – Chief Information Officer

Greg Petersen has spent the past 20+ years in the technology industry creating custom software programs and implementing computer networks.  From creating one of the largest wireless internet providers in Texas to developing custom software for the phone industry, Greg has the proven ability to take a complex problem and create a customer software solution.

BreAna Anderson –
Director of Operations

BreAna Anderson has built a successful career in the software industry with her marketing expertise and customer service. Well versed in all the major software programs – from Adobe to Microsoft – BreAna has the technical skills to develop and implement marketing programs, websites and viral advertising.

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Vincere Technology, LLC is proud to be a Texas based company.