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Study Hall 101

Untitled-1Finally, the perfect study tool! It’s fun, it’s interactive, and it’s totally relevant because you determine the information your students study! 

In school, students are bombarded daily with countless facts to memorize — vocabulary words, dates, important events, important people, grammar rules, and on and on! Study Hall 101© is a fun, effective, and innovative affordable educational software for struggling students to learn these facts through repeated exposures without frustration or humiliation. This program allows parents or teachers to input information from the student’s specific curriculum. Then this individualized material is presented to students in an enjoyable game-like format. To ensure that the information is stored in long-term memory, this self-checking software requires that a student retrieve the information quickly as well as accurately before moving forward in the game.  In addition, the program is a great support tool – it makes worksheets, produces practice tests and even grades them, saving both time and effort.

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